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Home Automation

by Matthew Ford 2nd January 2022 (orginal 20th August 2017)
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Home Automation Projects

Simple Home Automation for BeginnersAndroid/Arduino for switching things on and off (Absolutely No coding or soldering required)

ESP-01 Time SwitchSimple construction of a Power Timer. Suitable for beginners. Turns low voltage devices on/off at set times during the day. Keeps accurate time and handles time zones and daylight saving changes without re-programming. Uses web pages instead of pfodApp

BLE Room Temperature controlled Heater with Timer Switch – Combines 4 existing projects to measure the room temperature with a remove BLE temperature sensor and control a heater during the times set by the NTP Timer Switch

Wifi IR RemoteAndroid controlled (via Wifi) Customizable IR Remote Replacement. Handles multiple devices with customizable screen display and IR recording function.

Long Life Battery Powered RemoteOn/Off remote via WiFi, Bluetooth Classic, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), Radio/LoRa or SMS

LoRa/Radio Long Range Garage Door ControllerA point-to-point LoRa in-car remote control and garage door receiver. 128bit security and indication the door has reached the required position. The door can also be controlled from your Android mobile, via a WiFi to Radio bridge, with a visual display of the door's position

Simple WiFi to BLE BridgeProvides WiFi connection to your BLE projects

How to Add Relays to Arduino

Remote Controlled Light Switch Retrofit existing switch with Android control.

Remote Controlled High Power Loads Retrofit existing switch with Android control for kilowatt loads

Retrofitted Fan Timerwith override off and settable time

Retrofit House Lights with WiFi control - Keep existing switches. Uses ESP8266 and pfodApp (No Android programming required)

Simple, Secure, Internet Power Switch with Manual OverrideIoT Extension Cable Inline Switch, Android controlled by pfodApp (No Android programming required)

AC Power/Light Switch MonitorOptically Isolated Monitor for Power/Light Switch

Connecting DIY IoT devices to the Internet with pfodAppHow to connect at home and away using the same Connection

WiFi/Internet controlled Dual Power Switch (deprecated use the Simple, Secure, Internet Power Switch with Manual Override project instead)

AndroidTM is a trademark of Google Inc. For use of the Arduino name see http://arduino.cc/en/Main/FAQ

The General Purpose Android/Arduino Control App.
pfodDevice™ and pfodApp™ are trade marks of Forward Computing and Control Pty. Ltd.

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