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Freebees - 2511 configuration file
Script for Win95 Login

This script is not needed with our 2511 configuration file, but it still works with it. Note it allows for the odd times when the 2511 does not give the username prompt. In these cases the script must send a carriage return to wake the 2511 up.

If you want to use this script, copy the script below to notepad and save the file as LOGIN.SCP in the
c:/Program Files/Accessories/ directory. You can then browes for it from the dial-up connection Properties Scripting tab, (use a right click on the dialup connection to get to the Properties).

; A script file must have a 'main' procedure.
; All script execution starts with this 'main'
; procedure.

; Main entry point to script
proc main

   ; Change these variables to customize for your
   ; specific Internet service provider

   ; This is the login prompt and timeout values

   string szLogin = "sername:"
   integer nLoginTimeout = 15

   ; This is the password prompt and timeout values

   string szPW = "assword:"
   integer nPWTimeout = 15

   ; -----------------------------------------------------

   set screen keyboard off

      ; Wait for the login prompt before entering
      ; the user ID, timeout after x seconds

      waitfor szLogin then DoLogin 
        until nLoginTimeout

   ; send enter and try again
   transmit "^M"
      waitfor szLogin then DoLogin 
        until nLoginTimeout

   goto BailOut

   ; Enter user ID

   transmit $USERID, raw
   transmit "^M"

   ; Wait for the password prompt 

   waitfor szPW until nPWTimeout
   if FALSE == $SUCCESS then
      goto BailOut

   ; Send the password

   transmit $PASSWORD, raw
   transmit "^M"

   goto Done

   ; Something isn't responding.  Halt the script
   ; and let the user handle it manually.

   set screen keyboard on



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