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Webpage from Tacacs+ user logs (update 1st Dec 97)

These pages detail the mods to Tacacs+ V2.1 software and associated perl programs and html pages required to write seperate user files for each users showing the time they where on line. These files are then available for access by the users via a webpage.

The Central West Web has three classes of user:- full internet access (INT), world wide email access (CWE) and local email access only (CWW). Only INT users are bill for online access. CWE users are charged a yearly mailbox charge and CWW users have free access and free local mail. All users have access to the local website and so can always check their hours and send us mail even when their access has expired.

The user's info and their current access class is stored in a newdb database. Amoung other things this data base allows full email names such as Matthew.Ford@cww.octec.org.au and matchs login IDs to full names. The code to support this database has not been released yet.

Conditions of Use

The following code is available to freely use and modify, provided all copyright notices are maintained, Forward Computing and Control Pty. Ltd. is not liable for any claims for damages etc. arising from use or malfuction of this software and sites using this software acknowledge Forward Computing and Control as the source and provide a link to Forward Computing and Control (http://forward.com.au) and to the Central West Web (http://www.octec.org.au). The positions of these links is left to the discretion of each webmaster

The following pages contain the various code modification for tacacs+ and the perl scripts and html page that drive them.

Be careful. A number of these programs are run after suid to root inorder to get the access I need to the rest of the system. Make sure there are no security holes. If you find any please let me know.

Modifications to the Tacacs+ software

Peal file to generate webpage of user's usage

Html page to generate webpage of user's usage (fill in your own images)

Sample output webpage

Tacacs+ Configuration file

2511 Configuration file

Archiving user log files (added 1st Dec 97)

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