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SimGauss™ V2.0
Digitally Controlled Spring System

M x dv/dt = -M x g + K x (x0 - x) - R x v
    dx/dt = v

Every 0.1 seconds the velocity is sampled by the digital
controller and Rd calculated from
    Rd = R0 + abs(v) x gain 

This calculation takes 10ms which is modelled by a delay
before the new value of damping is transferred to the
system damping parameter, R, via
    R = Rd

 K     is the spring constant (Kg/s2) 
 M     the mass (Kg)
 R     the damping coefficient (Kg/s)
 Rd    the damping coefficient calculated by the controller 
 R0    the minimum system damping coefficient
 gain  the gain of the digital controller
 x0    the length of the spring at rest (m)
 g     the gravitational acceleration constant (m/s2) 
 v     the velocity of the mass (m/s)
 x     the position of the mass (m)

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