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Parallel™ V1.1
Multi-workspace GAUSS plus

It is a networked user interface for running multi-workspace GAUSS programs. Parallel can run multiple GAUSS programs, on local or remote computers, at the same time and combine the results (i.e. parallel or concurrent programming). It saves your work as you go and provides extensive undo functions.

Parallel Main Window

Boost GAUSS' productivity. Use Parallel to:-

!Run GAUSS programs in multiple workspaces at the same time. !Distribute these multiple GAUSS workspaces across networked computers. !Write your own parallel programs without a computer science degree.
!Make use of your multi-processor hardware to increase GAUSS' throughput. !Continue preparing and queueing programs for execution while your program is running. !Continue working in another workspace while your queued programs are running.
!View the Global variables and drag and drop to copy them to another workspace. !Type ahead to supply input GAUSS programs. !Supply GAUSS input from your programs for un-attended execution.
!No need to save. All your work is saved as you do it. !When you come back to Parallel, the workspaces you open are just as you left them. !Extensive Undo/redo function that lets you recover from errors.

Queue Multiple commands to execute in turn.

Parallel Queued Commands
The green command is currently running, while the blue underlined commands are waiting to be executed.

Drag and Drop variables from one workspace to another.

Parallel CopyGlobal Drag and Drop
The global variable x is copied from workspace newFile_1 to workspace newFile_2

Set up a network of computers running Parallel for increased computing power.

The master machine controls the operation of all the slaves.

Parallel set Slave

Parallel set Slave

Parallel set Slave
A copy of Parallel and GAUSS is required for each machine on a Parallel network.

For further information download the full Manual in PDF format

For sales information visit the Aptech Systems Inc. web site or them.

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