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pfodApp™ and pfodDevice™
for KnightRider Lights

Andy emailed with his experiences converting of converting KnightRider MultiColoured Led Lights from an RF control to Android pfodApp. See the YouTube video for the latest multi-coloured version 7. The description of how to use pfodApp starts about 5mins into the video. See below for some (not all) of the pfodApp screens Andy has coded using simple text strings in the Arduino's code to control the Leds. No Android programming was required to achieve this. For more details on these KnightRider lights you can email

Click Image to Play – Pfod Control described about 5mins in.

Here is some of what Andy had to say

I really like your app for our application.
Since I have a Droid Phone I don't even want to use the RF remote.
Jason is buying a Droid device to starting using with the new code.
He has several Arduino devices on his show car and I think he is considering upgrading all of them to BT with your app.
I've attached screen captures of our prototype code. Imagine the YouTube video I sent you, there are over 30 different scans.
Jason is currently building a RGB version which I will add that feature to the pfodApp.
Jason is OK with you using the screen captures on your web site, but of course they will change in the future and also depending on the scanner options.

Thanks again,
Andy “

Sample pfodApp KnightRider Screen Shots.

Main Menu

Scanner Control Menu

Create Favorites List

Half Scan Options

Scanner Loop Control

AndroidTM is a trademark of Google Inc, For use of the Arduino name see http://arduino.cc/en/Main/FAQ

Matthew Ford 10th March 2013 (originally posted 11th November 2012)
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The General Purpose Android/Arduino Control App.
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