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WebStringTemplates Change History

Version 1.5     2004/1/22

Fixed error in WebStringTemplate.getOutputBufferSize() and setting of OUTPUT_MAX_DEPTH.
Added forumdemo server example. A WebStringTemplates version of Velocity's forumdemo.
Fixed escaping of </wst> when writing Data Interface Definition to handle upper and lower case (and mixed).
Improved Data Interface Definition file so that object.toString() data faithfully reproduced.
Now allow completely empty files.

Version 1.4     2004/1/15

Added Unicode encoding for templates and data definition files.
Added getOutputBufferSize()
Revised escapes used in Data Interface Definition file.

Version 1.3     2004/1/7

Added list_i, list_first and list_last with manual example.

Version 1.2     2004/1/6

Fixed location of output.html to write to template directory instead of root directory.

Version 1.1     2004/1/2

Initial Release
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